Quickie: Opinions, feel free to feel entitled

November 28, 2010

A bit of a quickie tonight as I sit up and wait for the after hours doctor to come visit. Yes, everything is fine.

Now that I’m living a little more enlightened, it has become clear to me that people very much hold their opinions close to their hearts. It doesn’t matter how many times you hear the quote “Opinions are like arseholes – everyone has one”, it seems that opinions carry a very big emotional value to the person to has it. I know that this is true for me, but it has taken a while to recognise this.

So when I challenge someone about their opinion or belief about something because it is sizist, or racist or bigoted, I quite often here the reply “But I’m entitled to my opinion.” So I wanted to clear something up.

My opinions make me who I am. They affect the way I live, interact with people, make purchases, vote at elections, etc etc. In fact the reason that I think opinions are held so close to the heart is that they reach into the core of a person’s being. They really do make me who I am.

Therefore, people have every right to have their opinions. They are very much entitled to hold it true if they wish. In the same way, I am entitled to view that opinion as bigoted and call them on it. And based on my opinion (which I presume I’m entitled to as well) that opinions make the person who they are, I will call them bigoted (or racist or sizist) as well.

I haven’t stop them from holding an opinion. I’ve just noticed that when I weigh it up, it’s not one I can agree with. And if it matches the accepted standard of a bigoted (or sizist or racist) opinion, then I think it is correct to call that person out on it.

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