Disconnected? Stumble you might fall…

Stereo MC’s had a song they released in 1992 called “Connected“.  The lyrics were catchy (it was used in an ad) and the chorus went something like this:

If you make sure you’re connected
The writings on the wall,
But if you’re mind’s neglected
Stumble you might fall

Disconnected? Stumble you might fall

I am feeling disconnected from the world around me the last few weeks. It is like the people around me aren’t as close as normal and seems like I’m not as in touch with what is going on with me and with others. As a result I have been feeling a little blue. A little disconnected.

When I feel disconnected from the people that love me I am much more likely to love myself less. I find that I feed off the love and good vibes from other people even though I’m an introvert. As a result my mind falters, and so does work, relationships, life and so on.

When I neglect my body, my mind suffers, and vice versa. I am not walking as often as normal and therefore I’m feeling a little run down. I am not taking the time to meditate. My mind is being neglected and I’ve started to stumble. If I am not careful I might fall.

Last night I decided to meditate, go to bed early and see if that would help me reconnect with myself. It hasn’t worked yet but I will give it a try again tonight rather than give up straight away. My plan is to make a lovely chicken satay noodle stir-fry and give my wife a massive hug. I know she has been feeling disconnected to, so perhaps we can reconnect together?

I’ll keep you updated and see if I feel more connected as a result.

What do you do when you feel disconnected?

Photo by Vitorcius